Strong Seo Brings 9k Views To Dental Practice

We’ve worked with Carney Family Dental for years and collaborate with them on their website, events, and general marketing services. Knowing them, and their business, for so long allows us to keep up-to-date on how their website performs.

Since April of 2018, one page is consistently in their top 10 most visited pages each month: How To Know If You Have a Cavity, a blog our team crafted for Carney. It’s fun and informative, and chock-full of SEO keywords.

If you want to replicate this success, we have all the details, But first…

What is SEO & How Does it Work?

For the uninitiated, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the process of optimizing your content so it shows as a top results for searches of a specific keyword.

As a business owner, you want quality traffic that is actually relevant to you, your business and the content you create. Once you’ve achieved that, you want to increase the quantity of that traffic.

When a web page has strong SEO, you will see amazing organic (unpaid) results that last years.

How a Blog Post can Make an Impact

When coming up with blog ideas for Carney, we first turned to frequently asked questions. One of their more popular questions from patients was about cavities. As owners of teeth ourselves, it also happens to be a question that speaks to Team Romega.

Screenshot of search keywordsOnce we had a topic,the next step was research and figuring out what other dentists were saying. Not only did we want to share valuable information, but we want to make sure that A) we’re not copying anyone’s work, B) that we’re using popular search terms for cavity-related content, and C) that Carney’s content stands out from other dentists.

One common issue we see businesses run into is writing from their own perspective – not their clients, customers, or patients. They’re not going to search for jargon or industry terms, and instead, will recognize layman’s terms or more conversational approaches to detailed topics. In terms of healthcare, however, there’s a line between professional and personal that has to be considered.

The last step, of course, was keywords. After doing some research, earlier, we needed to make sure that any relevant terms we wanted this blog to appear for, were in the copy. For first-timers, it’s a smart idea to create a word bank, and cross off each term used as you go.  But make sure these keywords are incorporated into more places than body text! Use the most popular keywords in the URL, file names (photos, downloadable PDFs, etc.) as well as alt text (descriptors of the connected files that make your website more accessible).

The Data Speaks for Itself

“How To Know If You Have a Cavity” was published on Carney Family Dental’s website on April 19, 2018. As of March 2020, this blog post has almost 9,000 page views and retains visitors for almost 6 minutes. (For context, the average time spent on a webpage across all industries is a little 62 seconds.) Each month, under staff, services, and financial information, it’s always in the top 10 most visited pages on their website. Many of these users are coming to Carney Family Dental for the first time thanks to this blog appearing on their search engine results.

Woman wearing Romega shirt at laptopBecause this blog was relevant to their practice and their clients, as well as incorporated a ton of valuable keywords, they’re getting all of this traffic for free. A few hours of work resulted in years of successful traffic. What more could you ask for?

If you’re looking for a way to boost your organic SEO, start with your content. For valuable topics, turn to your customers. After all, if you write for them, you’ll attract more people like them. (Hello, potential customers!)

The next step? Creating a CTA (call to action) that makes people want to work with you after just reading a blog. You want them to take that first step, whether that’s giving your business a call, setting an appointment, or requesting a quote – whatever works best for your business.

If this sounds intimidating, the staff at Romega Digital is here to help. Email us to get started.