Migrating to GSuite for the Spring

Advance for Kids is a pediatric therapy organization specializing in physical, occupational and speech-language therapy. They wanted to shift to a HIPAA-compliant email solution, which ensures health-related communications are stored securely. To make this happen, Romega Digital worked with them to move all of their accounts to GSuite. 

Romega is a GSuite Partner, meaning we can manage your company’s email needs. If your business could use this solution, let us know and we can help.

The first step was compiling a list of all the existing email addresses. We helped Advance for Kids narrow down all valid addresses. Then, we created all the new accounts needed. At the end of this process, there were over two dozen emails total to move to GSuite. 

After that, we implemented a naming convention to standardize addresses. We also set up aliases so that people could continue to receive email at their old address. For example, if someone’s old email was arya@site.com and the new one was astark@site.com, that person could receive messages from both addresses.

The actual migration took place over a single weekend. We started by importing all existing emails from the old server to the new one, ensuring the staff wouldn’t lose any important messages. After testing, we finalized the migration by changing DNS (domain name system) entries to make sure all new messages were routed to Google’s servers. 

When working with kids and managing their health, you want the best for them and their families. Switching to a unified, more secure email system just made sense as another step in caring for our patients. The new email system is working out great, and we have Romega Digital to thank for such a seamless job.

– Mai Lee Payne
Advance for Kids

The Advance for Kids staff was given new login info and temporary passwords. Romega also included instructions for getting email on Android and iPhone. Therefore, staff could access their new emails first thing on Monday.

With their new system in place, the Advance for Kids staff could now use groups. By setting up groups, we could create an address that would send to anyone a given department. This saved the team from having to pay for individual accounts for each location or department.

We have a soft spot for companies dedicated to healthcare (check out this project, or this one, or this one). Advance for Kids is no exception. We look forward to taking on more projects that benefit a company’s staff as well as the people they serve!