Business Boosts Social Likes by 22% with Campaign

The team behind Cheeky Baby Boutique came to us wanting to increase their following on social media. One full-proof way to do so is through a giveaway!

A little about this business: Cheeky Baby Boutique is a small retailer in Rome, GA that offers upscale baby goods with local, homegrown charm. They’re always reposting pictures from clients. With that in mind, our team went into strategy mode.

Developing a Giveaway Strategy

Previously, an easy giveaway process would be to create a post announcing a giveaway to a random winner who followed a set of rules. A few examples:

  • Like our page
  • Follow us
  • Share this post to your story
  • Tag a friend in the comments

However, according to Facebook’s updated engagement baiting policy, posts that ask people to interact through likes, shares, comments, and other actions are seen as practices that artificially boost engagement. Our team needed to figure out how to help Cheeky Baby Boutique reach new customers without putting them at risk for Facebook to limit how many people got to see their giveaway.


The result was a giveaway that would drive authentic interaction to their Instagram story which would lead to further reach and followers: The Cheekiest Baby Contest.

How the Contest Worked

Cheeky Baby customers started by submitting a photo of their baby with a product they love through DMs. After the submission period was over, the contestants would then be randomly placed into a bracket, which Romega managed.

Starting on a Monday morning, the submitted photos in their pairings were posted to Cheeky Baby Boutique’s stories. A voting option allowed each viewer to choose who they thought was the “Cheekiest Baby”. The winning baby in each pairing would move onto the next round, and this process repeated each day until we had a winner the following Saturday. (They took home a $200 gift card for the boutique!)

Owners of Cheeky Baby Boutique

How the Business Succeeded

A graph showing follower growthAt the end of the submission period, we had 32 entries total (a perfect total for a bracket). During the voting period, parents would share Cheeky Baby Boutique’s Instagram story to their own story featuring their baby. That way, they could encourage their friends and followers to vote for their kiddo! Anyone who voted on a given day would naturally become invested and would check in the next morning to see who moved onto the next round. Then, while they were there, they would of course cast another vote!

Thanks to the number of people involved, Cheeky Baby’s individual stories got between 700-1,350 views. They ended up with a 22% net increase, or 216, new followers. All this happened in just a 5-day period! For a small business in a niche market, this growth was huge.

If you’re looking for innovative ways to grow your online audience, Romega Digital is here to help. What goal do you want to accomplish?