0 to 1500+ Followers in 7 Months: Retailer’s Success

Cheeky Baby Boutique is an upscale retailer located in downtown Rome, GA. Not only are they known for their high-end nursery furniture, baby clothing, accessories, toys, and more, Cheeky Baby is also known for a sense of hometown charm.

Before opening, owner Mary Andersen approached us looking for a marketing company to handle social media, which she herself did not have the bandwidth or the expertise to take on by herself.

As she and her husband built the store, Team Romega got to work!


When it came to developing Cheeky Baby’s “business voice”, we started by looking at their goals. Yes, Cheeky Baby wanted to be high-end, but they also wanted their business to be steeped in Southern hometown charm. Their target demographic is predominantly female, 20 and older, who are buying for an occasion: celebrating the birth or birthday of a loved one’s baby, or their own little one!

Inspired by mamas and grandmamas sipping sweet tea at baby showers (along with a level of professionalism one would expect from an upscale retailer) their voice can be described as darling, feminine, and joyful. Phrases like “our sweet store”, “precious little ones”, and more have become recognizable, and even before looking at visuals, the audience knows a Cheeky Baby post just by reading the first few lines!


Speaking of visuals, one of the things we loved about Cheeky Baby right off the bat was their logo. The pastel colors, soft shapes, and joyful personality set our marketing team up for success when it came to creating a miniature brand guide. Each graphic or end card on a video uses colors pulled straight from their logo, as well as organic shapes, florals, and other whimsical elements.

Social Media

Cheeky Baby opened their doors on June 4, 2020. However, Romega’s marketing team managed and consistently posted beginning March 4. Since this was a brand new business, Romega’s first goal was to create an excited following of moms, grandmoms, and moms-to-be. We did this on two platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

What started as sneak peeks of the products to come, and in-progress shots of the store, grew to be a sizable audience. After opening day, our content immediately diversified!


On both platforms, Romega curates the voice, image, and feed, and interacts with users. Not only do we share product spotlights, but we also post events, reviews, and user-generated content — sharing and re-sharing pictures of little ones wearing, playing with, and loving all things Cheeky Baby. Of course, we also interact with the brands they carry, increasing engagement and getting our client in front of new eyes.

While we post the same kind of content on Facebook and Instagram, we try to use different pictures and graphics for a fresh look and feel. We also tend to write shorter captions for Facebook, and longer for Instagram. Why? On average, Facebook posts that contain 40 characters or less earn 86% more engagement, and with 80 characters or less, captions receive 88% more engagement. On the other hand, even though Instagram focuses on images, captions with 138-150 characters provide the necessary context for people to interact. (Note: Instagram posts are truncated at 125 characters, so make sure your most important info is at the top!) Data aside, we also want to make sure that if a user follows Cheeky Baby on both platforms, they’ll be getting different content.



Another important element is real-life, in-store content. Our video and photo team highlights real families with their kiddos in the store, so we can capture genuine moments of Cheeky Baby’s products in action. Their audience, especially after following the construction of the store for months, recognizes the space and the faces of employees, encouraging engagement! We also leave day-to-day content like stories in the hands of the client. That content is so valuable, keeping Cheeky Baby at the top of people’s feeds. Since we can’t be in store ourselves, our branding work and guidance help round out that element of Cheeky Baby’s social strategy.

From March through September 2020, we saw a huge amount of growth on these platforms. Let’s get into the numbers!

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Instagram engagement numbers infographic

This success is even more impactful for us since their growth is organic. Other than the occasional giveaway or commercial, all their interaction comes from followers and their circles of influence. For a small business, this means that they have a dedicated base that will continually interact with their content, which is incredibly valuable.

Romega Results

“When it comes to social media, I am definitely no expert. I have so appreciated the Romega team coming in and handling our Facebook and Instagram. Every post is fun & true to us, which is the most we could ask for! Thank you!”

Mary Andersen

When we started working with Mary and Cheeky Baby, her goal was to generate excitement and build a following for the store. This would help bolster awareness and start building a potential customer base for when it opened. The numbers show that this was a success!

Now, Mary’s goal — and our own — is to grow this following. With that, we’re focused on keeping engagement up. After all, an audience of thousands doesn’t amount to much if they aren’t interacting with the brand!

If you’re looking for a full-service social media team that removes the headache of logistics and planning, we can help! Let’s get started.