Your Easy Guide to Remarketing and Retargeting

We’ve all seen them: once you click on an ad or leave an item in a cart, it tends to follow you across the internet. Whether it’s on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Email, or any other platform, these moments can seem creepy. But it’s not Big Brother – you just happen to be seeing retargeting and remarketing ads. Even better: you, too, can leverage this strategy to re-engage with your customers as a friendly reminder that your business is still there to serve them!

What are Remarketing and Retargeting?

Both of these strategies share one goal: to increase the conversion rate of customers who are most likely to buy from you. But, they work very differently. 


Retargeting is all about ads. Their goal: to re-engage audiences who have visited and/or interacted with your website or social profiles. Think of that one sweater you clicked on that keeps following you around the internet: this is it! 

Because that connection is already there, retargeting ads often get a higher click-through rate (CTR). Some brands see about 10% higher CTR on these ads than their standard display ads.


On the flip side, remarketing primarily uses email. These emails are to re-engage past customers who already did business with you. They remind customers of that business, then are filled with calls to action (CTA) to encourage visitors to take action on your site, i.e. leave a review, view similar products or services, and more. 

Just like retargeting, remarketing emails lead to higher conversion rates for cart abandonment, especially when sent an hour after the user leaves the site. 

Friendly tip: Everyone on the internet has the attention span of a goldfish. After all, there’s so much information to see, things easily are forgotten or replaced with new info. Act quickly to see conversion using strategies like these and you’re SURE to see success!

How Do We Use Them?

Retargeting is perfect for our clients who want to focus on attracting new customers, increasing conversions, or building an email list of prospective customers. We recommend remarketing for customers who want to focus on re-engaging current or past customers, are ready to dedicate a budget for ads, and already have an engaged email list. 

Success looks different for businesses depending on their goals. Here are a couple of examples of customers who’ve found success through remarketing and retargeting. 

What Our Customers are Saying

“Braden and his team are not just our friends, they are our digital marketing partners. Our most recent partnership started with a huge auction advertising campaign across email and social media. It resulted in a bid that was DOUBLE our expectations!!! That meant that our company AND our clients received TWICE our anticipated earnings. We can’t wait to see what success DAC and our customers see through our work with Romega Digital!”

– Lou Dempsey, President, Dempsey Auction Company

“We have worked with Romega on several projects including our website, SEO, Google Ads, custom software solutions, video, and a lot more.They are incredible to work with: professional, responsive, and results-oriented. We couldn’t be happier about the results we have achieved with Romega and can’t wait to see how they WOW us next!”

– Carson Roes, General Manager, Eagle Christian Tours

If you’re tired of losing business after one interaction on your website, or if you want to reconnect with current or past customers who are on the edge of purchasing, share your goals with our team. Through our partnership, incredibly effective copy, and proficiency in paid digital marketing, we’ll be sure to find success for you through remarketing or retargeting!