Why We Chose Webflow for Our Small Business Customers

Last year, we introduced a new product aimed at small businesses who may not have the budget for full-service website development: Romega Basic. Our customers needed their websites launched quickly and cost-efficiently. So, the platform was a really important consideration.

At first, the obvious choice appeared to be WordPress. Our many customers’ websites perform exceptionally well on this platform. Our team is really familiar with it, and we’ve built many, many sites on it over the years. Plus, Romega Basic sites start with templates, and there are probably more WordPress templates available than all other platforms combined.

Then we found Webflow, a visual web builder aimed at designers. There are plenty of templates with a variety of features. It also gives users a great deal of control without requiring extensive coding know-how. Publishing a site on Webflow is easy, and all maintenance like backups and updates are handled for us.

So, why did we choose this platform?

It’s Cost Effective for Customers (That’s You!)

Compared to WordPress which requires a lot of custom development, Webflow has functionality that easily handles some of the most requested features, like blogs and calendars. We still love WordPress and use it for our Pro customers when bespoke functionality is required, but a lot of small businesses just need a web presence.

It’s Easy to Use

Customers are empowered to make changes when they need, like the ability to add and edit their own content for things like upcoming events. However, Romega Basic customers have us on permanent retainer to make any changes they require, so our team is here on standby to help!

It’s Scalable

If your website gets picked up by the next hot blog or mentioned in a high-profile article, you might experience an influx of traffic on your site. By using Webflow, we are able to infinitely scale the servers that run your website. This way, as your business and website succeed, your website stays up no matter what!

You deserve a website that follows your success. Looking for a quick and cost-efficient launch of a beautiful site? Look no further!