Why is SEO Important for Your Business?

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Being online isn’t enough anymore. Having a URL and a Facebook page won’t cut it. 

You want your business to stand out, and you need a professional partner to help you accomplish your goals. Whether that’s to grow your revenue by adding new customers, creating a better digital presence for your brand, or scaling your business past just yourself, we know how to make these things happen

Here’s one way this plan moves into action, and the first of many that we’re introducing to you: Web Strategy Packages.

Many of our projects start with a website, but what most people don’t know is that launching a site is only the first step towards growing your digital footprint. Strategized SEO and SEM services continue that success

These elements are the keys to success online, and ones we’ve identified through combined decades of working in digital spaces. Our team consists of experts in their fields that you can depend on for quality work. After all, when you succeed, we do too!

Here at Romega, our team is made up of certified experts in SEO and Google Ads. These tools are the backbone of our paid digital marketing offerings. Not only did we want to show you some success our customers have seen, but what’s possible on these platforms for brands you might know and love. 

SEO Success Can Look Like This…


Using Search Ads, IKEA saw store visits increase by 232%, sales increase by 117%, and ROAS (return on ad spend) increase by 68%. But all the while, their cost per click went down by 38% just by working with certified Google Search Ad experts!



PepsiCo traditionally relied on different broadcast channels and mass outreach to reach consumers. But now as we’re all living digital lives, the consumer-centric model can result in much more success. Building specific consumer engagement platforms on Google allowed them to collect valuable insights and leverage them to create new flavors, packs, and see increased sales.  



Samsung had two primary goals: to drive awareness for a new product launch and to scale creative production efficiently to deliver relevant, impactful messaging. Working with Display and Video campaigns, they created 400+ various creative assets and increased ROAS by over 200%

It’s time to achieve those goals YOU have set for the next quarter. The most successful campaigns have specific, measurable goals. We work with our clients in 3-month sprints, figuring out the path from your business today to your end goal. Whether that’s to grow your revenue by adding new customers, create a better digital presence for your brand, or scale your business past just yourself, we know how to make these things happen.


How YOU Can Find That SEO Success

The first step: share those goals! We want to hear all about them. Just contact us to learn more about how we help businesses thrive online!