What are SEO and SEM? How can they work for YOU?

In the past, creating solid SEO meant using a bunch of tricks on your website. SEO used to focus on individual keywords and how pages rank based on these keywords. Content would exist only to bump search engine rankings. Plus, backlinks could be as spammy as possible and still contribute towards a high placement. (Just search for “SEO tricks,” they never seem to end.)

Now, SEO is all about how people engage with you online and focuses on ROI. Keywords are more purposeful as we consider the intent and user needscontext matters! That extends to content on a larger scale. The higher quality the content and more value it provides to your customers, the better your website ranks. All of this contributes to your authority online. Links only contribute to high SEO placement and are often built through relationships. Across the board, these practices are integrated into our web development processes. Regardless, you’ll see positive results in just 6 months through “new” SEO!

SEM is often lumped in with SEO, but it’s actually a separate and equally important part of your online marketing efforts. SEM lets you identify which potential customers you want to target with ads based on location, search and purchasing history, and other demographic data, so you’re intelligently presenting your business offerings to customers who have a much higher likelihood to close than with traditional advertising methods. What does that mean for you? Industry average ROAS (return on ad spend) using SEM services is at minimum 2:1 (that’s $2 back to your business for every $1 spent), and the best part is, these results can be seen immediately.

Romega has done the leg work to assemble a team of SEO and SEM experts who are ready to start growing your business NOW. If you want to be organically on the first page of Google, SEO is the way to go. If you’re happy with your search engine placement, but you want to target a bigger AND better audience of new customers for quick return on investment, look no further than SEM. Ideally, these two work together to create an online marketing strategy that WORKS

If you’re ready to grow your business, Romega knows how. Just shoot us an email or give us a call to get started