1 Video Campaign Earns 6K Views, National Attention

Good marketing makes you stand out to your customers.

Great marketing catches the eye of the brands you sell.

If you want to stand out in your industry, keep reading to find out how we helped Mathis Trailers create a video campaign that one of their brands, Club Car, shared and ultimately reached over 6,000 views.

Mathis Trailers and Equipment Sales is a family-owned business in Rome, GA that specializes in tractors, trailers, and outdoor equipment. In 2020, Mathis Trailers branched out and became a Club Car dealer. Since this was new territory for them, and since they were navigating the negative impact of COVID, they wanted to kick off their digital marketing around Club Cars immediately.

The Romega Digital marketing team got to work brainstorming interesting concepts to show Mathis customers how the Club Car XRT could help them solve problems on their property. Previously, we’d created a customer persona, so we knew exactly what kind of person would gain value from the utility vehicle.

What we developed was a commercial-length video that breaks down into shorter clips – perfect for social media. Once the script and storyboard were finished, we spent the day filming on the Mathis family farm. Below is the outcome:

Longer-form video:


Short social clips:




The same day we posted the first clip on social media, Club Car reached out to Mathis Trailers and requested to share the video on their own Facebook and Instagram pages. We sent all the videos to them, and a week later, Club Car uploaded one of the social videos and tagged Mathis Trailers as well. This got Mathis Trailers, a small family-owned business in NWGA, in front of over 30,000 people. Most of all, Club Car thought enough of our work with Mathis that they wanted it to directly represent their brand. That’s the best part about this project: making our clients look good in front of the brands they sell. They’re dealers for these brands, so when they look good, the brands they sell look good. This is a bonus that we’re able to bring to them – and you!

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