Updating a Project Past

The good folks over at Advantage Textiles needed a redesign of their current website. We love helping out “repeat customers” so the opportunity was hard to pass up.

The redesign is structured very similarly to their original site. It uses mostly all the same pages with tweaks and changes meant to freshen up the more visual aspects.

We replaced the blue/grey scheme with a clean white, balanced out with colorful, eye-catching images to capture people’s attention. Strong typography reflects Advantage Textile’s professionalism and attention to aesthetics. These visual changes make the website that much more user-friendly and bring it into 2018.

We also took a look at Advantage Textile’s analytics since we brought them on as customers three years ago. We saw that their site had been getting decent traffic, but there weren’t a lot of inquiries or requests for quotes. So, we added a bright orange button on every page asking users to “Request Quote”.

Lastly, we edited some of the wording on various pages. We noticed that Advantage Textiles was not using all the search terms that people are looking for now. Now, the website will appear on more searches, getting more clicks and more inquiries.

We’ve been working on some big projects recently, and while we love being busy, it’s nice to revisit a website and client we’ve done great work with in the past.

If you’d like to check out our previous work with Advantage, click here.