Tackling a New Website for a New Business

Josh Trammell of Trammell’s Fishing Guide Service came to Romega wanting to turn his passion — teaching people how to fish — into a business. He knew he wanted a simple website that was reminiscent of the outdoors and featured photos captured on his trips. So, with a few pages of content and a general direction, we got to work.

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The Process

First, the logo. Trammell wanted a wordmark or a logo that states the name of the company. We found a font that spoke to the nature of his work, and as simple as that, he had a logo. For the website itself, he wanted something equally as straightforward. Taking inspiration from sites like the National Park Foundation‘s, we used earthy colors and textures as the base of this website. Text and pictures were framed with white boxes in clearly labeled sections to make his site easy to read and navigate.

A unique feature on Trammell’s site are the menus. On the home page, we wanted to feature the logo front and center with a full-width photograph of one of Rome’s rivers. However, we also wanted the logo to be present on the navigation menu. To streamline the home page, we centered the navigation on the top of the page, and as you scroll down the page, the menu transforms with a smaller logo and background color. The rest of the pages on this site use this alternative menu and make entering the website feel unique.

Here’s how we did it: On the home page, there are actually two menu areas, and one is hidden by default. Using jQuery, we triggered a fade-in/fade-out animation when the user scrolls past a certain point on the page.

Trammell also wanted to prioritize communication. So, we added a contact form at the bottom of almost every page on the website. To further this theme, we also added an FAQ so any and all information that curious patrons might need is easily found on the website. This was especially important on the rates page. Rather than working with full e-commerce software, Trammell decided to go with a simple purchasing process using PayPal. This was a great alternative because we could format the page to match the rest of the site with simple boxes, and purchasing is made easy.

The Outcome

“I love how the website turned out, it looks very professional and appealing. I’ve already gotten compliments on it! Thanks to Romega for doing such an awesome job, now I can really get the word out about my new business.”

Josh Trammell
Owner and Guide
Trammell’s Fishing Guide Service

Trammell’s Fishing Guide Service can now showcase their guided fishing trips and casting lessons to a whole new audience. Though it’s based in Rome, Trammell’s serves fishing enthusiasts across northwest Georgia. Now, they have the platform to cater to that audience. We wish him the best of luck!