Creating a New Christian Network’s Site

A few months ago, marketing and consulting firm Prodonos approached us with a plan for one of their clients, Spire. Prodonos helps small businesses and nonprofits inspire with their stories, discover members and donors and fulfill their missions.

Spire is a new ministry platform that focuses on building a community through events, resources, and mentoring. This includes Christ-centric podcasts, leadership development and team building tools, staffing resources, and more. One major component is the Spire Conference, which kicks off in 2019. This conference is a shift from the NACC (North American Christian Convention) that has taken place annually for the past 90 years. The new website had to have a firm launch date as the team was announcing its inception during the 2018 NACC, so our team had to buckle down and execute this website quickly.

The Process

Prodonos had a list of what they and Spire wanted to accomplish that we were happy to tackle. After deciding that WordPress was the best platform for their project, we found a few different 3rd-party plugins to accomplish their goals.

Spire website designWe used the popular WordPress e-commerce plugin WooCommerce to build a web store that offered both physical and virtual/downloadable goods. To control membership, we used Ultimate Member so that members could easily sign up, navigate their profiles, and view their account history. Using an integration with Bloomerang, users can also donate to Spire directly from the website. 

Spire leadership wanted to provide events like webinars and meetups. They also wanted to give members the opportunity to RSVP to or purchase tickets to various events. To accomplish this, we used Event Organiser. Lastly, we used WP Job Manager for Spire’s job listing functionality.

After that, our job was to make these disparate plugins look and feel cohesive.

For example, since there were going to be purchases made on Spire — products in the store, event tickets, job listings — each portion of the website needed to support the same type of payment processing. This way, we could avoid having multiple accounts in different places.

The Result

The Spire site was built to grow throughout the year leading up to the conference. Now that the site has launched, users can sign up free to be members of Spire. Some items like membership and donations are available now.

As the teams at Spire and Prodonos prep for next year’s conference, current users are added to a list. They will receive updates as more resources are available. In the future, membership will be required to access items like resources and the job board. These functions are all ready to go, so the Spire leadership can start using them any time they’re ready.

“Romega Digital has been a tremendous partner in helping our agency provide digital solutions for our clients. They helped provide a dynamic and expandable site that gave immediate digital access to an audience of thousands and helped our client transition their brand from a passive identity to an engaged modern presence. Romega provided rare customer service, flexible project management and problem-solving expertise, completing the site on scope, on budget and most importantly – on time.” 

– Chris Jefferson
President, Prodonos

In just the first week that the website was live, Spire has already gained more than 350 registered users. We’re so glad it’s doing well and we look forward to their future growth!

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