Show Digital Signage

You’ve picked the perfect content management system for digital signage, but are having issues showing your business specific information on it. Data on the screen often becomes stagnant and unkept. There are too many steps before you can even get your data published.

Signage has become more and more important to businesses. The ability to place important content in front of audiences has never been easier and more effective than with digital signage. Whether it be interactive wayfinding, sales metrics, or corporate information, digital signage has revolutionized the way we show data.

Data on signage is everything. If it’s not kept up to date, it makes a large investment useless. Romega Digital’s goal is to automate the efforts required to keep your signage current.

Out of the box solutions only go so far to integrate into your company’s systems and workflows. It’s up to a trusted development partner to build on top of this platform to connect to the correct data points, authenticate into your systems, and correctly represent your brand.