A Romega Milestone

A letter from the owner:

One year ago marks the start of an incredible journey. I took one of the biggest leaps of faith in my life and acquired a company. SAI Digital and 8 years of caring for customers was a baton carefully and wonderfully passed to myself. In this short time, we are now known as Romega Digital, have new offices by Rome’s Historic Clocktower, and have seen tremendous growth in both our team and our customer base thanks to a few key changes.

A blue house near a clocktower. A sign says Romega Digital.
Romega Digital’s offices on Clocktower Hill, September 2017.

The changes were apparent to me from the beginning. This industry has a problem: companies like this one fly in once every few years, create a new website and disappear. I wanted to change that. I wanted to provide constant values to our customers every day. So, we pivoted to a relationship model. We introduced marketing services and data-driven design. Ultimately, building those long-term relationships lead to conversations like “We were getting 1-2 leads a week off our old site, now we’re getting 4 a day” and watching the traffic to one of our client’s websites grow 5 times over in a matter of 5 months.


A chart shows growth between October 2017 and February 2018
A customer’s 5x growth since signing on with us in September 2017.

And the market responded! You said you want people that are an extension of your team and invested in your success. We’ve stepped into those shoes and since then, this company has more than doubled! We went from 0 people on staff this time last year to 2 full-time, 2 part-time, and 3 contractors we rely on every day. Writing on the walls says this growth is going to continue and we are quickly ramping up to respond to it. Let me just say, Thank you!

A group of men and women site around a kitchen table
The Romega Digital team Christmas party, December 2017.

At the beginning of this year, we introduced another service our customers are going to love; it’s all about your data. We have a number of interesting projects that came out of this introduction. There’s the call center in Tennessee that needed more insight into their day-to-day metrics, an NBA team in the northeast that needed unique information on a video wall in their stadium, and a local hospital system that wanted to automate the management of about 50+ Excel spreadsheets into a centralized dashboard. Our value has extended from direct impact on top line revenue to optimizing operations.

This shift allows us to solve even more of our customer’s problems utilizing the same technologies we’ve been using from day one. I cannot wait to share pictures and stories as these projects wrap up in the coming months.

We are very blessed to experience so much success in our first year. I’d like to thank our team that’s taken a chance to join us this year: Sarah, Abbie, and Kim. A number of contractors we rely on every day: Ethan, Carla, and Ben. My wife: Adlynn. A team of trusted business advisors that selflessly meet with me every month: Gary and Layton. You all make my boat better and Romega would not be what it is today without your care.

Four people smile around a table outdoors. A woman is holding a puppy.
Romega Digital’s one-year milestone lunch, March 2018

Finally, I want to thank you, our customers and loyal tribe. Thank you for trusting us with your business, your brand, and your operations. We value every moment of helping you grow your business and I’m so grateful you’ve given us the opportunity to do so. I cannot wait to see what we accomplish this next year and beyond.