Romega Digital Acquires SAI Digital

On May 9th, Romega Digital announces the acquisition of SAI Digital. New owners, Braden and Adlynn Keith, are excited to continue the tradition of excellence that Tricia Steele began nine years ago.

In a recent announcement to SAI customers, Tricia Steele wrote, “I’m extremely excited to share with you today that SAI Digital has a new owner. Braden Keith has acquired the SAI Digital brand and web services division of the company. He is extremely passionate about bringing his own areas of expertise and additional talent resources. I will begin doing business as MedCred, and focus on software solutions within healthcare.”

SAI Digital began in 2008 and has grown to meet the web presence needs of clients across various industries including healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, professional services, non-profits, and retail. This multi-industry experience and the relationships formed over these years are a tremendous foundation on which to continue building as Braden and his team join that of SAI with a new name, Romega, and the same company values, excellence in product and in customer service.