Rome Civic Ballet Raises the Barre with Custom Software

The Rome Civic Ballet had their 21st spring recital in mid-May, featuring many incredibly talented students. This year’s theme was “There’s an App for That” as each performance was associated with a different app. So, it was only natural to build a custom ‘app’ for the recital program.

Secondly, we wanted to make parent and audience lives a little easier with an app that made it simple to see when each classroom would perform. After plenty of corroboration with their team, that’s exactly what Rome Civic Ballet received.

The Idea

In the past, parents have asked staff members about song names, the order of performances, and more. Other than a traditional paper program and word of mouth, Rome Civic Ballet had no other way to answer those questions. They wanted song names and associated apps, classrooms, students, staff, and anything else available at people’s fingertips. An online brochure fit for cellphone use was our favorite option.

The Design

To start out, we used Laravel which is a creative and easy development software. The layout of the app was crisp and clean, so it would be easy to navigate. Also, the background was kept dark so that people could look at their phone during the recital and not distract others.

Four sections comprised all the pertinent data. The home tab listed what time each section began. The classrooms tab listed every group along with the students in them. Clicking on the names would show what songs that particular group was performing to and what app was associated. Third, the staff and crew were listed. The final section had the full song list.

We also wanted to make accessing the app easy as possible. When everyone walked in the door there was a paper program. This time, the program included the app’s URL and a QR code so anyone with a smartphone could view and use the app.

There is even more potential that has not been used yet.  In the future, every song could have an iTunes or Spotify track. This way everyone knows all of the wonderful tunes and can dance along long after the final bow.

The Result

“I was absolutely stunned by how great everything looked! The work produced is amazing and was a million times more than what I expected. Thank you, Romega Digital!”

– Meredith Thomas
Rome Civic Ballet

The recital app turned out to be a huge success. Positive reactions from the crowd along with flawless designs have convinced Rome Civic Ballet to bring back the app again next year!

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featured image by Robin Sorrow