Cooperation Reveals Creative Solutions

Revealed Creative is a design firm based in California whose work you may have seen in some of our own projects. We’ve partnered with them many times and often turn to their designers for websites, logos, and printed materials. When they needed to refresh their website, it only made sense to offer our services.

The team at Revealed wanted to completely revamp their online presence. The marvelous team there sent us designs for each view they wanted for their website. The concept they had in mind featured large blocks, either with colored backgrounds or full-size photos.

Whether you have a clear concept in mind, or you have no idea what you want, Romega can execute a marketing project that fits your needs. Get in touch to see how we can revamp your online presence, just like we did with Revealed.

It’s fun to work with folks in our industry. Thanks to our shared vocabulary, both parties communicated and addressed concerns easily. There was a lot of back and forth to make sure that the interactive experience of the code matched their vision. Every project we complete is cooperative. However, this project allowed us to take advantage of Revealed’s design savvy throughout the development process. 

Romega is our development expert. Their technical expertise allows them to take our designs and make them a reality. We are able to work closely and efficiently with them to make sure every pixel is as desired. As always, Romega provides excellent results that incorporate best practices in development that results in an effective and efficient website.

– Carla Hamilton
Revealed Creative

Those small details showcased the company’s strong personality as well as their design expertise. When you first go to the site, a user will see the logo on a black screen before it fades to their full site. Modern CSS techniques like flexbox and viewport height were used for the full-size sections, allowing Revealed to build dynamic layouts within each page or work sample. They can add teaser boxes, full-width photos, text columns and more on the fly within their CMS. 

The site also uses plenty of hover actions on full-size screens. We had to think about how to present those on touch devices. For example, the Launch, Boost and Amp icons on the home page show more info on hover on a desktop. On phones, the text is displayed under the icon.

Revealed Creative is more than a design firm, it’s a brand awareness firm. We were happy to help such talented folks turn their skills inward and further clarify their brand on a digital platform.