Our Resolutions and Solutions

So, we’re already a month into 2018. How are those New Years Resolutions shaping up? We know we’ve got some big plans for this year, and we’re sure you do as well. In fact, when we look at our goals, we see ones that are similar to our clients. In the spirit of collaboration, we’ve made a list of our resolutions and documented some of our progress so far.

Define our audience

If you’re reading this, we’re talking about you! We want to get to know you better. Throughout this year, we plan to iteratively define our customer profile and figure out where you might be having problems.

Whether you lack the time to make your website look polished, or you need an easier way to communicate to your employees, we want to be able to address your specific needs so we can solve your specific problems.

Ultimately, we want to be more impactful in our space. Not only do we want potential clients to think of us for their marketing and software needs, but we want you to be assured that we will know exactly what solutions will be best for your business.

Clarify our Branding

One of our do-this-as-soon-as-possible goals this year is to edit our website to reflect our goals. If you know Romega well, you’ll know that we have our fingers in a few different pies. Using Braden’s guiding light, Storybrand, we are working to break down our message to you and to others about what we do best.

What originally sparked this change is a desire to better express what we do and who we are here at Romega. We want to separate our offerings into specific pages and conversations so we can easily talk about the problems we’re solving. At the most basic level, we want to offer solutions rather than services. Sorting through all the noise and getting to the core of our business was necessary for revamping our website. Keep an eye out for our upcoming launch!

Do for ourselves what we do for others

Another one of our goals this year is to pay more attention to our social accounts. One of the many services we offer is managing social media. One of our clients, Hortman Carney Dental, asked us to run their Facebook page. Around Christmas, we ran a giveaway that reached over 7,500 people as opposed to the average 120 after their website launch a few months prior. We worked with them to create that website, including rebranding Hortman Carney as a whole. It was a huge success that we’ll discuss more in a future blog post.

We love creating social posts for our clients, it helps their business as a whole as well as giving them a bit of personality. We think it’s necessary that we hold our own content on social media to that high standard. In order to provide the best for our clients, we have to get our stuff together too.

So, what have we done so far? We’re trying to blog more often, and look! We posted twice already this year! If you haven’t read our other post about an upcoming Laravel conference, check it out.

Continue to Provide the Best for Our Customers

Romega wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for you, the audience. Having the know-how to build a website, create an email campaign or develop software isn’t useful unless you have people and businesses who want to grow and be better.

And with that, we turn to you. What are your goals? Where are you spending your time and resources that aren’t in your wheelhouse? Here are some common ones we’ve heard:

  • Build a website
  • Get (more) social
  • Take steps to improve my digital presence
  • Promote my business regularly and consistently
  • Enhance my technology footprint
  • Be active in my local community

It’s easy to get distracted and focused on other things amidst the general goings-on of a growing business. We want to help you achieve your goals. Through that, we can achieve ours. If you’re interested, get in touch and we can start planning together. Here’s to a new year full of success!