Local Nonprofit Site Gains Big from Small Changes

One Community United is a local nonprofit that strives to bridge divides between people in Rome, including racial, ethnic, economic, political, religious, sexual orientation and gender identity. In doing so, One Community United is bringing together fellow Romans to love and care about each other. However, their website needed some adjustments to more effectively communicate that mission. They asked us for help, and we were happy to lend a hand!

The Gameplan

Without the budget for a full site redesign, One Community’s main goal was to make their current site more professional and streamlined. As a non-profit, they wanted to have a website that instills trust in potential donors and members.

The updates

One Community has a large audience on Facebook already, so we wanted to make sure the website complemented it. We decided together that, while Facebook is a community for people already affiliated with them, the website better serves as a resource for people to learn more about the organization and its goals. With that in mind, we designated which info worked best on social media, and what should go on the website. After that, we discussed what else we could add to the website to strengthen their messaging.


Here’s a short list of what we did:

  • Added a menu bar
  • Added a slideshow
  • Reworked the events area so it looks nicer and gives more information
  • Updated resources and improved the overall layout of that section
  • after

  • Fixed several broken links
  • Added links to social profiles

The items listed above give One Community United a more unified look. With an updated, professional layout, they have a great chance of bringing in new people.

At the end of the project, we did a training session with two of their staffers. We showed them how we made the changes detailed above, and how they can maintain the site going forward. This gives them all the tools they need to succeed in their admirable goal to help the community.

The Result

“We are so happy with the results Romega Digital produced. Not only did they update our site, but they also took the time to sit down with us to make sure we knew how to maintain it moving forward. Now, our website shows people exactly what we want them to know: that we’re working to unite our community every day.”

– Cheryl Jenkins
Board Member
One Community United

Working with One Community United has been a pleasure. By working together within a budget, we achieved their goal, which falls directly in line with One Community’s dedication to bettering our local community here in Rome.

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