Niki Behr Ministries’ site conveys service

Niki Behr Ministries focuses on bringing people back to their faith. Led by Reverand Niki Behr, the nonprofit has several areas of ministry, including fellowship events, community service, and scholarships in South Carolina.

Though they do great work for their community, their website was out of date and didn’t effectively communicate their various service projects. So, they asked us for help. The Niki Behr team wanted something that was easy to navigate, visually appealing, and could be easily updated to add more information in the future.

We made sure to look for ways to stay in budget, but still create an elevated website. While most of the websites we create are custom designed and custom built for each client, there are times when it makes sense to use a pre-made template and customize it. That’s what we did here.

By starting with a high-quality WordPress theme, we were able to give Niki Behr Ministries a beautiful, well-built website in a short timeframe and at a less-expensive rate.

We also worked with the Behr Ministries team to come up with a new content outline based on their old site, and their new goals. This new content structure with clear page titles grouped by topic makes it easier for site visitors to learn about the ministry.

Much of what Niki Behr Ministries accomplishes is thanks to donations. So, we made sure to connect their PayPal and Amazon Smile accounts to the website.

We understand how overwhelming it might be to build a website with a smaller budget. We can work with your team to accomplish your goals within your means. Give us a call to get started!