New website helps nonprofit provide gifts for families of kids with disabilities

Specially Gifted is a wonderful new nonprofit based here in Georgia. Founders Bree Lanham and Macey Price work tirelessly to provide support to families affected by disabilities. When Macey reached out to us about creating a website for the organization, we were thrilled to be able to help.

Specially Gifted provides gifts to families whose children have disabilities. These gifts aren’t focused on monetary assistance like many nonprofits but contribute to the family’s wellbeing as a whole. They can range from necessities such as specialty strollers to fun activities for the family like tickets to a sporting event.

Already, Specially Gifted has provided several gifts to Georgia families, including those of a boy with severe encephalopathy, a girl with abnormal brain development due to contracting a virus in utero, and a boy with autism who experiences seizures. You can read about some of these children and their families in the Gifted Families section of the website.

Stories pull us in, and a website is a wonderful way to share how you affect change. If you want to highlight the people you serve through a website, let us know.

The goal of the website is to bring donors and families to Specially Gifted. Donors can either give monetarily to a general fund or browse a list of gifts that families have requested. Families can request a gift, or be referred by someone like a therapist or teacher.

Since gifts are made possible by donors, Specially Gifted wanted to make it easy to find out how to give. In addition to a highlighted Donate button in the header, we added a slide-out where Specially Gifted can highlight giving opportunities in an eye-catching but unobtrusive way.

The donation process needs to work easily not only for the user, but the Specially Gifted team as well. Across the website, the Give a Gift feature is an implementation of an e-commerce platform. Specially Gifted can add each family’s desired gift as a purchasable option on the website. Once a donor buys a gift through the site, it is marked as Already Gifted. This process will also grow with the foundation as it grows and creates more opportunities for gifting. 

While many of our clients are long-established businesses or nonprofits, this is an organization that is just getting off the ground. It was rewarding to work with them as they established their branding and voice, and solidified what their goals were as a nonprofit. The bright color palette they chose was a great jumping-off point for our designers to create their website, and our content specialist Abbie was able to help them think through the words they wanted to use to tell their story online.

Romega Digital has been the dream team to work with when developing our new nonprofit’s website. It feels as if you are doing business with a trusted friend, who wants the success of your development just as much as you do. The end product is a website that truly embodies who we are as a non-profit. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Romega Digital.

Macey Price, Specially Gifted Foundation

We always love working with nonprofits to help them serve others. We hope our work with Specially Gifted helps them grow and provide more gifts to families in our area, and eventually, beyond.