Little River Escape: Tiny Houses, Big Image

Turn on the TV or log into Facebook and you’ll probably see something about tiny house living. This massive movement to transition to pint-sized pads has made headlines for months. Even the picturesque mountains of North Georgia have been touched. Little River Escape is a gated community of tiny homes located in Cloudland, Georgia. They needed a beautiful, easy to navigate website that provided plenty of information for curious visitors. They turned to Romega Digital to make their list of ideas into a reality.

Besides providing a community for tiny homes, Little River Escape sells tiny homes. The tiny house lifestyle generates lots of interest and Little River wanted a website that offers as many informational options as they have listings for their customers. Right on the home page is a small form that guides people who need or have a tiny house versus people who need or have land. A navigation bar provides an alternative way to find information. Featuring listings of tiny houses and FAQ’s, it’s easy to figure out whether a tiny house is for you.

Visually, the website is meant to reflect the Cloudland surroundings. Striking but relaxing, dominant images boast the best of the 50-acre complex. Little River also knows that buying a tiny house is a huge commitment and wanted a professional-looking website. Romega developed special features to cater to a potential customer’s needs. Easy-to-navigate listings offer downloadable info sheets and floorplans for individual homes. These listings can also be filtered by price range for potential customers who know what they want.

“While I knew perfectly well what I DIDN’T want, I wasn’t entirely sure what I DID want. The team at Romega Digital took what seemed like a complex list of conflicting requirements and created a smooth navigation for even our least technical prospects. Interactions from the site have doubled and are much more productive.”

-Sylvia Brophy
Little River Escape

Romega Digital took the many incredible options offered at Little River Escape and created a website that appeased curiosity and appealed to the eye. Though the community offers smaller quarters, they know how big their customers can dream. With this re-vamped website, the endless possibilities are more accessible than ever. For anyone needing to tackle a similar goal, a website by Romega Digital is a phone call or email away.