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For two days, I was one of two Romega team members who were living the fast-paced New York lifestyle as the video team for Laracon VII, an annual tech conference. Mary Saintfort and I created four videos in two days, and when we weren’t capturing video, we were editing and soaking up everything Laracon.

Laracon VII was a two-day event with around 800 people and 18 speakers all gathered in New York at the Playstation Theater in Time Square. The crowd was a community of developers who are passionate about using Laravel — a free, open-source PHP web framework. (From an outsider’s point of view these people were nerdy in the best way and I’m jealous of their brains.)

Mary (our summer intern) and I were tasked with capturing moments from the conference. We knew we wanted to showcase what people missed out on if they didn’t come. At first we captured everything — no moments missed — footage overload. Our goal was to start having videos ready to view throughout the conference, rather than making people wait to see it until after the conference ended.

Thankfully, we had the crew to get it done. Mary shot the video, I edited it, and back in Rome, Abbie Yerbey helped with words and social media. And even though Braden was attending the conference, he jumped to help whenever we needed him.

As the conference progressed, it became easier to gauge what footage we needed in order to make a great video. (No more footage overload!) For example, we knew the crowd was the most important feature of the video, and we wanted our videos to show why they came, what they got out of it, and what their favorite moments were. We focused on crowd reactions, interactions, and interviews. Everyone was having a great time and it was awesome to talk to so many smart people.

An especially important video for us was revealing new Laravel features from creator Taylor Otwell. There was a wide shot of all the speakers talks so people outside the conference could view them in full. So our creative approach was come up with a rough cut version. Get only the key points. Here was the kicker: I had absolutely no idea what he was saying! I was standing at the stage capturing and planning out my edit. Taylor began speaking, the crowd started cheering. I then become wide-eyed and utterly clueless! Thankfully, Braden knew exactly what Taylor was talking about. He stayed up late to help us finish the reveal video for Vapor. It was absolutely my favorite part of the whole trip, and I’m thankful to have a boss who would pitch in like that.

From the start, this experience was so much fun. It was Mary’s first time flying and first time in New York. Our first conference. My first time being in a video. (I don’t know how many of you hate hearing a recording of your voice but I can tell you editing a VIDEO of yourself is a personal Dante’s circle — at least for me.)

The videos are all on our YouTube channel, so go check them out. Here’s the recap video for day one:

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Becca is creative projects manager at Romega Digital.

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