How You Can Add an Instagram Feed to Your Website

We’ve all been there: it’s boring to look through your website and see the same photos week after week. However, editing and uploading new photos can take so much time. There has to be a better solution, right?

Here’s an easy way of keeping your website looking fresh with new content: if your business has an Instagram feed and a site built on WordPress, you can automatically pull those photos into your website, constantly keeping your site up-to-date with photos. We’ve done this for many of our clients, including The Season Events, Burk Farm and Niki Behr Ministries.

Here’s how to do it for your own website:

  1. Install the Instagram Feed plugin from Smash Balloon. There’s a free version available in the WordPress plugin repository that includes the basic features you’ll need to display photos from your profile in a grid. (A paid version is also available if you want to display photos from a hashtag or want fancier display options like a carousel and popup photo previews.)
  2. Active the plugin and visit the plugin’s settings page.
  3. Connect your Instagram account. The plugin will need to be connected to your Instagram account to work. There’s a built-in connection you can use (just click the big blue button), or you can opt to make a manual connection with your own token. But really, the built-in tool should work just fine for most everyone reading this.
  4. Customize how your feed should look. This is the fun part. With the free plugin, you won’t have all the options available, but you can choose how many photos to display, how many columns you want, and whether to show your profile bio and a button to follow your page. Make sure to save your changes when you’re done.
  5. Insert the shortcode onto a page. Click the ‘Display Your Feed’ tab and copy the shortcode displayed there. Then paste that shortcode wherever you want your feed to appear.

Your website should now be showing posts from your Instagram feed! And as you add new photos to Instagram, they’ll automatically be added to your website — making it super easy to keep your website looking fresh.

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