Form Fills Lead To A Great Website For Bridal Shop

Perfect Dress of Rome offers quality wedding attire and formal wear at affordable prices with the best customer service. While their main customer bases are women (ages 14-19 for prom and 18-35 for bridal), they make sure anyone that walks through their doors has a great experience.

Many bridal stores offer the same products. Perfect Dress stands apart because of the service they provide. From the moment a customer requests an appointment until after the wedding when they preserve the wedding gown, the Perfect Dress team is by their side every step of the way.

Over their 10 years in business as Perfect Dress of Rome, they’ve won several Best of Rome awards, making their business stand out in the local market. Owner Alison Smith decided that it was about time to have their website measure up to all their hard work!

Abbie sits at a desk with a laptopChallenges

  • Old site was cookie-cutter and difficult to use
  • Needed the ability to update the site easily
  • Wanted the website to look like them

The Process


Every Romega Basic customer fills out a questionnaire covering items like goals, design elements, ideal customers, business information, & more. Once this form is received, our content writer sifts through this information & creates a content strategy for the entire website, noting exactly what kind of information goes on which page.

For Perfect Dress, their two audiences fell into two primary categories: Prom & Bridal. Combined with Alterations & Tuxedos, we could immediately highlight exactly what a customer could be looking for by putting them in the navigation bar.

On top of this content strategy, we write home page content that accomplishes goals like setting bridal appointments but is general enough to catch any customer’s attention. Once the home page & content plan were complete, the client provided all the information that needed to go on the interior pages.

Screen shot of Perfect Dress website


Aesthetics are important to this client, after all, they are in the business of helping people look & feel their best! In their questionnaire, they told us that they love clean lines, legible but pretty fonts, and room for photos. Their brand as a whole is simple & classic, using black, white, & light grey, with baby pink accents.

One benefit to a simpler color scheme is that content like pictures are able to shine. The gowns, tuxedos, and happy customers can become the main event!

All Romega Basic websites start out with a template, which our team handpicks to accomplish their goals. Our team found one that is feminine and unique (avoiding that cookie-cutter look!) and gave us a good way to show off dresses through photos.

Of course, Perfect Dress weighed in on the template chosen and other design considerations. Even though we start with a template, our team made adjustments to make sure the website matched their brand and the website content.


Sarah working at her deskAfter content & design was established, our team began building the site. Everything was arranged through email, which is the standard operating procedure for Romega Basic sites. This can be very convenient for business owners because they can work on the site on their own schedule.

During the build, owner Alison Smith could see our work in real-time on a staging site that was up just a few days after she chose her template. The rest of the process, making additions to content that wasn’t on the home page & tying up any loose ends, put the client in an impactful position on their own website. We may be the experts in content & web development, but our clients are the experts in their industry, and we want that knowledge to shine.


Scrolling version of the mobile Perfect Dress designPerfect Dress of Rome’s site now talks directly to their clients and showcases more information than they were able to show on their old site. For example, there’s a whole page about alterations and custom work, which is an important part of the business and helps her stand out.

Even better, if Alison & her team need to change anything in the future, it’s included in their monthly package. They don’t have to spend their valuable time updating the website while they could be helping people find their perfect ensemble. Instead, we handle that for them, so they can focus on other priorities!

Romega Basic was dreamed up as a COVID-relief package but does so much more for any small business needing to get online quickly & cost-efficiently.

If you’re looking for a website that combines the ease of a website builder and the expertise of a professional website development team, we have the solution. Get started with Romega!