Google Algorithm Update in April may Change your Searchability

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We want our customers to be the first to know.

Google is releasing a new search algorithm update on April 21st that will start punishing non-mobile friendly websites in search results.

For our customers who have already invested in responsive design, you can breathe a “SAI” of relief. You might even see a boost in your website visits through search!

For those who have not yet considered this investment, now is the perfect time to start planning your upgrade.

Mobile search statistics are rising.

49_percent_1More and more users are accessing the web via mobile, which is why Google is making this kind of shift. Our top five most visited websites see about 36,000 visits each month from various industries. Non-desktop browsers account for 49% (almost half!) of that traffic, with mobile devices used three times more than tablets.  Mobile use is growing quarter over quarter for almost every one of our customers.

Implementing Responsive Design means that your visitors from any sized device see your content perfectly with no zooming, pinching, or scrolling. Imagine comfortably reading your website on the palm of your hand!

Not sure how your site holds up? Want to test our work?

google-web-dev-tools-1Google has set up a simple way to test your website’s mobile-friendliness through their webmaster tools. Simply paste your website URL in the tool and it will instantly analyze and let you know if your site makes the grade. If you’d like to know how your visitors are accessing your site, contact us for quick review of your site statistics. 

We can help. Contact us to:

  • Analyze your site traffic to determine to understand mobile browsing patterns
  • Take advantage of our Responsive Deisgn Retrofit package
  • Learn more from Google (below)

Interested in getting on our summer responsive redesign docket?

responsive_with_sai-1For a limited time, we are offering a flat rate responsive design retrofit. This typically takes 1-2 weeks to implement. Or, if you are looking to update your design a retrofit would be a great opportunity to bring a fresh face to your site by adding a redesign package too.

All it takes is a quick call to our office 706-622-4545, where you can kindly ask Hillery to put you on the schedule for a retrofit!

google-g-logo-2012Want to know more about what Google is planning and how this could affect your traffic? Read the official release in Google’s post about these upcoming changes on their blog. They also share other cool posts like the most common search terms leading up to Easter 2015 and cool new products.