Fresh Design for Tucker Farms

Tucker Farms is a predominantly restaurant-supported farm in Rome, Georgia, growing specialty lettuces, greens, and herbs as well as seasonal garden vegetables year-round in their hydroponic greenhouse.  In addition to their restaurant-supported wholesale business, Tucker Farms offers flexible and creative web-ordering and delivery options to individuals and families in Rome and Calhoun, Georgia. 

Romega Digital has been proud to develop and support the website needs of Tucker Farms since 2012 and we’re very excited about the launch of their new website and e-commerce platform at www.TuckerFarmsGA.com.  

Tucker Farms: Before & After

Originally hosted on Magento, the previous website for Tucker Farms served as a platform for taking orders from customers, publishing news about the company, and publishing yummy recipes on their blog. After a few years Tucker Farms was ready to make several site improvements and move over to a different platform.

The new Tucker Farms website now runs on WordPress, using the popular WooCommerce extension to manage the store capabilities.  We love this new integration which allows us to combine the powerful, easy to use content management of WordPress with product and order management all in one place.

Tucker Farms: Responsive Design

While the main features and navigation generally remain intact (with even more yummy recipes…), the biggest change in the website was the integration of responsive design.

Prior to the site redesign, customers were able to shop from their mobile device but it required a great deal of pinching and zooming, making the experience a bit frustrating.

Customers will now find it much easier to browse the store and checkout using their phones or tablets. No pinching or zooming required.

Custom Features

Tucker Farms had some special feature requests that needed to be built into the site to support the way they offer products for sale.

  • Pickup Location Selection. Instead of shipping to people’s homes, Tucker Farms has pickup locations where they deliver orders weekly. During checkout, customers choose which pickup location they would perfer to use.
  • Custom Reports. The client needed a few customized reoprts to support their business processes, including a “Picking Report”. We designed a report that tells Tucker Farms how many of each vegetable will be needed at each pickup location so that they can harvest the right amount.
  • Gift Certificates. Tucker Farms wanted people to be able to buy gift certificates for themselves or others and use those funds to purchase items on their website. They also wanted to be able to offer a discounted price on some gift certificates (example – spend $45 but receive a $50 gift certificate).


Give Tucker Farms a visit, see what’s growing on the farm, get inspired by their tasty recipes, and shop fresh, local, and sustainable.