Etowah Employment’s New Website Simplifies The Hiring Process

Etowah Employment is the only locally owned staffing agency for jobs across Northwest Georgia and Northeast Alabama, offering workplace management services for a variety of employers. Because of their hands-on management structure and close proximity to the clients they serve, decisions are made quickly and employers are promptly matched with qualified employees.

Romega Digital has partnered with Etowah Employment for many years and we’ve been involved in the evolution of their website over time. In a recent meeting with the management of Etowah Employment it became apparent that as the workforce hiring needs have changed over time their website wasn’t reflecting their actual business model. It was overloaded with content, making it difficult for both area employers and job seekers to find what they were looking for.  The company’s day-to-day operation style was to simply learn of hiring needs from local employers and match them with qualified job seekers. The website clearly did not reflect that process.

Etowah Employment‘s new website runs on WordPress and offers very clear navigation options for both employers and job seekers.

It was important for area employers to quickly understand the services provided by Etowah Employment and have a way to easily reach out to the company with their hiring needs.

Job seekers simply needed to know what jobs were available, be able to apply for positions online, and learn how the hiring process works.


Etowah Employment's website: before & after


New Website Features…

Job Openings remain current with Indeed integration.  

Etowah Employment publishes their job openings on Indeed, a leading job site for both employeers and job seekers. It didn’t make sense for the staff at Etowah Employment to maintain job postings on both Indeed and their own website. We integrated the website with their Indeed job listings, allowing them to simply post available positions on Indeed and have those postings sync up on their website. Positions visible through the new website are now current and require no maintenance from the staff at Etowah Employment.

New secure online job application.

Etowah Employment maintains a cache of job seekers looking to be matched with open positions. When a job seeker applies for a job with Etowah Employment, the hope is that they can quickly be matched with an available position. Prior to the new website launch, this was done with a paper, hard copy, and very hands-on filing system that was proving to be somewhat cumbersome to the Etowah staff.  With the new secure online job application the staff at Etowah Employment can do a simple search of their online applicants and quickly see what candidates match the skillsets of available positions.

Clear, concise web content.

Generally we encourage our customers to have content-dense websites, loaded with optimized keywords and information that will help them be found by search engines and seekers of services or information. The original Etowah Employment website was loaded with content. Good content. Helpful content. But it was difficult to find the basic information that site visitors were looking for. Employeers needed to know what services Etowah Employment would provide to them. Job Seekers simply needed to be matched with jobs. The new content that we developed for them does just that.  

Responsive design for applicants on the go.

Etowah Employment’s new website can be viewed on any device, allowing job seekers to apply for positions from wherever they are. This benefits the job seeker as well as the employer and connects Etowah Employment with even more qualified applicants.


Etowah Employment does an amazing job of matching local employers with area job seekers, and now their website does the same.