A Local Architect Receives a Facebook Redesign

On March 16, we donated an item to an auction by Montessori School of Rome. Afterward, we were pleased to hear that Beth Dunay of E Dunay Design won our Small Business Action Plan. This included a free consultation as well as 12 Facebook posts and further suggestions for her online presence. We created her website prior to this, so we were excited to work with Dunay again!

We would love to help you make your professional goals a reality. If your business needs some help with social media, let us know.

The Gameplan

E Dunay Design is a full-service architect based in Rome. Focused on residential and commercial design, her projects include new construction, additions, and renovations. The business Facebook page was not bad as is, and the website and Houzz profile were full of great information. However, Dunay was concerned with her engagement and following, so we created a dozen Facebook posts ready for adaptation to her needs. With these posts, we had three main goals in mind:

  1. Build and grow an audience
  2. Increase engagement with interesting, conversation-starting posts
  3. Present Dunay as an expert and her business as a hub for architectural & renovation information

The Execution

As far as specific posts, we gave her ideas for contests and giveaways to accomplish our first goal. This is an easy way to interact with people, and those who do will remember her company. This can also lead to people sharing her posts giving Dunay a wider audience. Furthermore, we built in opportunities to show off her projects from blueprint to finished build, and we allowed room for trends like tiny homes. Keeping fresh and up to date is important.

To keep the audience interest in goal two, we incorporated timely subjects like Historic Preservation Month in May or outdoor living spaces now that the weather has grown warmer. 

We encouraged a few habits for the future as well, such as including a call to action at the end of a post and always using a picture or video with every post.  In doing this, the posts look more attractive to the common eye maintaining interest. Having visual interaction can be very important in today’s modern world.

Lastly, she deserves to be known as an expert. We encouraged her to connect to the area by talking about local architecture. Tapping into hometown pride will encourage potential customers to consider her services more seriously. Also, this helps to achieve the expert status desired by showing she has a surplus of local knowledge in architecture.

Dunay is a member of Rome’s Historic Preservation Commission, so we built a plan involving this experience. Many historic landmarks in town have beautiful architecture. Showing off her knowledge on Facebook will help encourage people to turn to her as a source of information. It is posts like these that present her as the expert she is and starts conversations with potential clients.

Dunay uses her website and Houzz to show off most of her projects, so we incorporated that into her plan. In fact, E Dunay Design received the Best of Houzz 2018 Service Award because she earned the highest client satisfaction feedback possible. Hopefully we were able to show off her commitment to her work and her clients to the fullest.

The Result

“I had started my business Facebook page about a month before seeing the Romega Digital auction item. It seemed like a great way to learn more about social media. Romega Digital gave me feedback on what I was doing well and helped me set goals. I find it very helpful to have goals and suggested posts set up for those busy weeks when I don’t already have ideas ready.”

– Beth Dunay
E Dunay Design 

We loved working with Dunay so much that we gave her a few more suggestions. On her website, she now has a way to collect email addresses when they download her whitepaper. Also updated was her Instagram integration. Lastly, we installed an accordion set up on one of her more text-heavy pages. Now, each topic is an expandable section.

Facebook can be overwhelming, and it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. If you need a customized plan for your business, jump on a 15 minute phone call and see what we can do for you.