Customized & Responsive Website for Chiaha Harvest Fair

We handcraft digital things and so it was great to support an organization dedicated to the handcrafted arts community!


This weekend is the 50th anniversary of the annual Chiaha Arts Harvest Fair and Romega Digital had the pleasure of creating the new website.

The needs of the client:

  • Manageability
  • User-friendly
  • Responsive
  • Bright and artsy

The focus for this project was useability, update-ability, and overall manageability for the client. 


With this redesign they can now update these aspects in little to no time and without the help of a web developer.The client wanted something smart, good-looking, and responsive, but also a design that would be easy to update year after year with changing vendors, musicians, dates, and forms. Every year festival organizers are faced with a whirlwind of new content –from exciting new pictures to new exhibitors and food vendors — and the need to update their festival details.

The Design:

We designed the entire site with manageability in mind.

  • Customized exhibitor list.
  • Responsive layout based on screen size
  • #Chiaha Instagram feed on the home page.

The Results:

Now the organizers of Chiaha can change every aspect of their website in mere minutes, customizing the site with new images, new logos or sponsors, and new forms, without paying billable hours.

They can simply unpublish the exhibitor directory after the event is over and re-enable each individual returning exhibitor next year or easily add new exhibitors to the list, instead of creating the list from scratch each year.

And as the event theme and logo changes, the organizers can easily morph the site to match. 


Over the last 50 years Chiaha has truly become an annual Rome tradition and we are proud to be able to take a creative approach to their website needs. 

Be sure to grab the kiddos and come out to enjoy the weather, the art, the food and the fun this weekend.

The festival runs from 10 am to 6 pm both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. On top of 140 exhibitors the arts festival features a series of musical acts, special guests, activities for the kids and more!

Grab your tickets at the gate and check out this year’s exhibitors at chiaha.org.