About the Client

Riverview Farms was established during the 1970s right next to the Coosawattee River. They grow a variety of produce, heritage breed pork, grass-fed beef, and — the focus of this project — grains that are ground into grits, cornmeal, and polenta. They’ve been growing organic crops since 2000 and their dedication to sustainable farming is evident in everything they do.

As they continued to grow as a business, Riverview Farms needed a mark that was professional and eye-catching, so they partnered with Romega Digital for a rebrand.

The Process

Unlike many other Romega Digital clients, Riverview’s logo is almost exclusively used on physical goods. So, we had to keep that in mind while designing the logo. It needed to communicate their business and also appeal to someone perusing goods at a farmer’s market.

Both the Riverview Farms and the Romega Digital teams decided to focus on the corn milling aspect of the business for this logo. The first step was to learn more about this process and how milling actually works.

The client provided photos and drawings to show how their millstone is structured. (As well as some of their products, including grits and cornmeal!) The surface of a millstone is divided with deep grooves that run in a distinct pattern. It was important that the representation of the millstone was true to life, so we went through some rounds of making sure that the lines of the logo matched the orientation and weight of the grooves of the millstone.

We also talked about how their previous mark was being used on bags and labels, and what changes may be coming to how the physical items are packaged. To address some of these use cases, we chose a color combination that ensures that the logo looks great on light- or dark-colored backgrounds: a golden yellow and subtle blue.