The Process

The project began with a visit to their plant to learn more about each section of Marglen’s business. We worked closely with the sales team to make sure we highlighted their products with the best photos and information. It was important that the new website communicate this information clearly because many folks still associate Marglen with carpet.

They wanted to spotlight their various products on the site and make it easy for people to request sales information. For each of their product lines — rPet flake, rPet pellets, polyester staple fiber, polypropylene drawn textured yarn, and polyester waste recycling — potential customers can see details like colors available and markets served, and fill out an information request form that goes right to the sales department.

In addition to building a website, Romega helped provide content for the site. With plenty of input from Marglen leadership, we wrote a company history page to help tell the story of Marglen’s evolution. We also partnered with Andrew Rayn Photography for pictures of the plant and its workers.

Those photos were important for the final section on the homepage, which is dedicated to employees. With a large, eye-catching image, and a button advertising job opportunities, it is only one part of the website that speaks to this audience.

Marglen is hiring, but their old website did not advertise it. So, we added a careers page with basic information that was designed to blend seamlessly alongside Newton, their hiring software. Adding a careers page has been successful; other than the home page, it is by far the most visited page on the Marglen site.