The Process

As Jet Metals grew, its inventory management and quoting processes essentially remained the same. What began as a fairly effective method for managing inventory on a small scale — pen and paper — ran its course. In September 2016, Jet Metals decided it was past time to streamline their processes and they found Romega Digital. Together, they created the perfect custom solution to meet Jet Metals’ needs.

Jet Metals spent some time researching the solutions available to them on the open market. Unfortunately, a one-size-fits-all approach was offered to them at every turn; these generic inventory management solutions were expensive and would not solve Jet Metals’ problems. Romega worked one-on-one with Jet Metals to discern exactly what their needs were and to create something specifically for them.

The initial six weeks were spent planning and conversing about Jet Metals’ desires with Romega. This time was spent doing some rough development and providing mockups for review and critique from all stakeholders. After a few trials, tweaks, and changes to suit the team at Jet Metals, they were thrilled to have a completely customized solution on the floor within a couple of months.

The system equipped Jet Metals to have real-time inventory data for improved sales processes for their customers. Because the application was built on current web standards, any member of their team could securely interact with it on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.