About the Client & Our Partner

The Boston Celtics are a professional basketball team based in Boston, Massachusetts. The franchise has won the most championships in NBA history and, in 2018, opened a new practice facility called the Auerbach Center.

HB Communications designs, builds, and supports audiovisual communication environments in organizations around the world.

The Process

In the entertainment industry, the first thing your audience sees has to blow them away. The Auerbach Center is no exception. The state-of-the-art, 70,000 square foot space is outfitted with not one, but two parquet floor basketball courts. Seating for 195 people overlooks the courts. Of course, the facility also offers locker rooms, a players’ lounge, strength and conditioning facilities, physical therapy areas and more. This includes a Hall of Fame, which also functions as the entryway into the facility.

The Boston Celtics wanted this Hall of Fame to impress. They partnered with HB Communications to make that happen. They came to us with the framework for two signs: an LED sign that wraps around the entire room, and a digital scoreboard. They wanted to show near real-time scores from across many major league sports on both. However, they were unable to find an out-of-the-box product to meet the retrieval and display of this custom set of data.

After finding a service whose API we could utilize to retrieve scores and other live game information, we focused on transforming the data and displaying it in near real time. The database can now process scores from 20,000 games a year.

Alternatively, if the Celtics wanted to display a user-defined message for certain guests or events, a custom message field was created to show a message exclusively or alongside the scores. The design for both fit the aesthetics of the room and the Celtics branding, a necessity for this project.