The Process

Romega is a GSuite Partner, which means we can manage the needs of our clients when it comes to GSuite, Google’s service for business operations like email, calendars, and document sharing.  

We first worked with Advance for Kids and compiled a list of all existing email addresses. Together, the list was narrowed to all valid addresses and we created all the accounts they needed. At the end of this process, there were over two dozen emails total to move to GSuite.

Next, we implemented a naming convention to standardize addresses. We also set up aliases so that people could continue to receive emails no matter which addresses – new or old – someone used.

With their new system, the Advance for Kids staff could also utilize groups. By doing so, we could create an address that would send to anyone a given department. This saved the team from having to pay for individual accounts for each location or department.

The actual migration took place over a single weekend. First, we imported all existing emails from the old server to the new one, ensuring the staff wouldn’t lose any important messages. After testing, we finalized the migration by changing DNS (domain name system) entries to make sure all new messages were routed to Google’s servers.

The Advance for Kids staff was given new login info and temporary passwords. Romega also included instructions for getting email on Android and iPhone. Therefore, staff could access their new emails first thing on Monday.