How Slack Helps Us Prioritize Customer Service

When we were looking for a communication platform for Romega, we wanted one that connected Romega HQ to our remote staff members as well as one that offered the best in customer service. We chose Slack, a popular team messaging service (think chatroom but way better). With multiple channels, we can easily connect to our clients as well as discuss internal matters.

Information is Easily Accessible

To keep everyone informed and to avoid blowing up inboxes, clients can sign up for Slack and we can add all the project stakeholders to a channel. There, they can read project updates at their leisure, rather than feeling the pressure of unopened emails.

During a development project, there are often questions that arise either from us or our customers. With Slack, we can post a question to the channel, and anyone in that channel can weigh in with their expertise.

On the other hand, Slack makes it easy to participate as much or as little as you want. At Romega, we all have the app installed on our phones and computers. Many of our customers just log into the website when they have something to discuss. Or you can always opt to have Slack email you when there’s something you need to see. This way, you don’t even have to log in and to check it regularly.

It also keeps all the communication about a project in one place, making it easy to find a previous conversation. This is especially beneficial when multiple people are working on a project but may not have been actively participating in earlier conversations.

The team at Romega always has Slack open, so we get notifications of new messages quickly. While we can’t always respond immediately, at a glance we can see what customers or projects may need our attention.

channels are multi-purpose

Along with messages, it’s easy to share documents and graphics on Slack, which contributes to the whole “keeping everything in one place” idea. Especially with our marketing retainer clients, Slack is a great place to discuss ideas for blog posts, social campaigns, advertisements, etc.

Beyond communicating directly with customers, our team uses Slack to discuss projects internally. Each project has an internal channel where we can iron out strategy, discuss technical code details or work through design concepts. Then, we can move all pertinent information over to the client channel.

We also use Slack for notifications when something goes wrong. We have a channel that’s tied to our monitoring services. So, we know immediately if a site is down or a server is experiencing problems. Our customer support portal also sends notices to Slack so the whole team knows when a new ticket is created.

And really, it’s the best communication channel for sending animated gifs to clients, like this one:

On Jeopard, host Alek Trebek gives an awkward high-five to a contestant

With technologies like Slack, we keep in constant touch with our clients while keeping everyone on a given project in the know. If you have a project that calls for multiple hands on deck, get in touch to see what we can accomplish with you and your team!