Software Enhances Call Center Productivity

IPPT Services works with a group of businesses in Chattanooga, TN. A single call center handles phone calls to each of the eight locations. As customer service representatives, the job of call center agents employed there is seemingly straightforward. They have to speak with prospective, current, and past customers of various locations. They then have to gather actionable feedback from each caller regarding their interest or experience. After each call, they have to report all actionable data to the associated location.

Every piece of information IPPT gets from a call is important. That information must also be delivered to the correct department in order to be reported correctly. However, IPPT’s original process was taking time away from their job. Though the call data could help predict things like projected service revenue, it took a lot of time manually inputting data and crunching spreadsheets to extract that valuable information.

So IPPT called on Romega Digital for a custom software solution that now helps both call center agents and managers use their time more effectively.

The Problem

Previously, customer service representatives would each keep a worksheet for their day. After ending a call, they would write information in various fields. At the end of the day, all representatives would send their worksheet to their manager. Their manager would then go through each sheet with a fine-tooth comb, reorganize information according to location into a larger sheet, and send it on down the line until it was rolled up into a spreadsheet which resulted in a monthly report back to the dealerships. The worksheet-based process took a lot of time to fill out and then interpret by managers. So, IPPT Services decided to automate the process and give that time back to their employees.

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The Solution

The call center software allows agents to record inbound and outbound call information, specific to the call type and dealership, in real time as they are on a call. For every call taken or made by a call center agent, they can specify what kind of call it is, like whether it is inbound or outbound, and then get different options to fill out based on their choices. A backend stores the information, which is turned into easy-to-understand financial projections using charts, graphs, and CSV export.

Different user types get different information and functions. Agents can record calls and see records of just their calls. Business managers can see all calls but just for their location(s). And call center managers can see and do everything. There’s even a ‘leaderboard’ in the app so agents can see how their number of calls and number of appointments made stack up against their colleagues.

While having an easy to search record of all calls is useful and important, the real value of the app is in the data extrapolation. There are financial values and assumptions for various call attributes, and the software uses that to make predictions. Example: A certain type of call is expected to bring X amount of business to a particular location valued at Y dollars, so that location can plan to staff accordingly.

Plus, if a call reveals that a customer is unhappy, the agent can log that and a manager is notified immediately that they need to reach out to that customer.

The Outcome

This piece of custom software helps everyone in the process. Now, our customer service representatives can focus on helping more clients. Our managers can find the most important information easily, and our dealerships can receive more quality data on their services. I’m proud to have made our employees’ days easier with the help of Romega Digital.

– Lynne Rose
Co-Director, IPPT Services

With all of the boring stuff automated, we were proud to return a considerable amount of time to IPPT employees.