Countryside Equine speaks to their true audience with a website update

Countryside Equine approached Romega with a unique twist on a familiar problem: They already had a website from a company in the equine veterinary industry, but it wasn’t meeting their needs. The info was not specific to their business; instead, it was generic content provided by that company. Many of the included site features didn’t apply to their services.

The unique part of this project was Countryside’s goal: they didn’t necessarily need to use their website for lead generation. The vast majority of their business comes from referrals, so anyone looking at their website is already familiar with them.

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So, we worked with Countryside to provide a place where their customers and potential customers can quickly find contact info. The vet uses an answering service, and because this is the most efficient way to field customer inquiries, we made sure that everyone gets funneled through the same phone number.

A secondary goal was to present the basic info about the business that someone checking out a referral would want to know: a brief list of services, vet qualifications and policies about payment, medications, and more.

One special thing we did was make a map showing their practice area. As an equine vet, Countryside doesn’t have an office where they see patients. They go out to farms to care for horses. They travel throughout Northwest Georgia, and we made a graphic so people can easily see if they’re in Countryside’s practice area.

“Before, we had a cookie-cutter website. Now, Romega gave us a site built specifically for our goals. We’re happy that we can finally speak to our true audience and invest in these relationships even better.”

Tom Wilson
Countryside Equine