Southern Tide Swims Towards Growth with Romega Digital

In this series titled Different Business Voices, I am taking a look at how companies use their voice to have effective marketing. Remember that a business voice is the tone, approach and medium expressed to the consumers.

The relatively youthful Southern Tide brand filled a void not yet known. Southerners who wanted classic and preppy clothing were forced to look for brands like Vineyard Vines or Ralph Lauren Polo. The introduction of Southern Tide afforded people from the south their own local brand.

Who is the Target Audience?

According to former CEO Jim Twining, Southern Tide has a trans-generational audience. All walks of people in the south can enjoy wearing their clothes. People who buy their products do, however, tend to savor the outdoors and live more active lifestyles.

The founder, Allen Stephenson, pitched his idea for the company in during speech class. Impressed, his professor from The University of South Carolina asked him “What are you doing sitting in my business introductory speech class?” Soon afterwards, Stephenson left school and undertook Southern Tide.

What is the mission statement?

“To us, the South is more than just a location, It’s a state of mind. And we always bring a piece of the South wherever we go. We are Southern Tide.”

Ultimately, the company takes pride in its southern heritage and showcases a sense of southern class in their advertising.

How Do They Produce?

Southern Comfort implies a sense of relaxation in their tone. They try to mimic in both the design of their products as well as their marketing strategy.

All of their commercials focus on people outside relishing life. This is geared towards the idea of staying active while looking good. hey showcase the different kinds of activities that southerners enjoy whether it is the beach, hiking, going shooting, or simply being fond of a walk around town while somehow never breaking a sweat.

Also, word of mouth is very powerful. Customers notify their friends and families about the semi-famous skipjack polo shirt. Although people are not outright told to tell their friends in advertisements, they rely on the quality of the products. The commercials of people having fun together may convince some consumers on a subconscious level to do so. Many southerners today would recognize the brand, and many proudly don them.

The Results

Southern Tide embodies the true southern gentlemen and lady during a nice casual day. They have been consistent in how they mediate their message. Classy, sophisticated and southern embody their ideals and their customers. Forbes named Southern Tide in the top 100 America’s most promising companies list.

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