A New Website Grows with Arborhaven Investments

Arborhaven Investments is an investment firm in Rome, Georgia. It was established in 2016 and offers computerized trading using a proprietary algorithm. Their previous website did not communicate all their offerings, so they turned to Romega Digital for assistance. Now, they have a stronger digital presence that grows when they do.

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The Plan

Arborhaven Investments needed a website to share information about their fund offerings. In the coming months, they are adding more funds and options for clients. So, the site needed to be flexible enough to launch with basic info now, but have room to add more information later on.

The Implementation

We worked with Arborhaven to first come up with a content strategy, or a plan for the information they wanted to share on their website. For this, we worked with them in a couple brainstorming sessions and provided an outline of suggested content.

Arborhaven wanted to highlight their returns for each fund, so we built in the design and functionality for present and future offerings. As they grow, Arborhaven will be able to show a chart featuring their returns anywhere on the site, including the home page and offerings pages, as soon as they need it.

Another priority for their team was to share information about their work in the community and local environmental matters. So, the design gives a prominent place for news articles on various pages.

Throughout the whole process, we had to navigate the legal requirements of the language surrounding investments. So we worked very closely with the clients to make sure the content created and user experience met those requirements.

The Outcome

Arborhaven operates with the highest level of integrity and transparency. We want our clients to feel confident that their funds are in trustworthy hands. We needed to communicate all this on our website through a clean, straightforward design that grows with us as we add more offerings and produce more market data. Romega gave us just that.

– Renee Fuller
Administrative Partner
Arborhaven Investments

Arborhaven now has a website that lives and breathes with them. If you need a similar solution, contact us here to see what Romega can do for you.