A real treat: Making a sweet new website for Honeymoon Bakery

Honeymoon Bakery is one of our favorite spots downtown. Everyone at Romega loves their sweet treats, and you can’t beat their Saturday morning breakfast. When they approached us to make them a new website, we couldn’t wait to get started.

Honeymoon has grown and changed over the years, but their old website didn’t reflect their newer image. They wanted a website that not only showed off their delicious wares but also communicated the quality and craftsmanship that owner Kevin Dillmon and his team put into each treat.

Because the bakery sells wedding cakes, custom desserts and breakfast in addition to its daily selection of cookies, cupcakes and other pastries, we had to make sure the site made it easy for users to find the selection they were looking for. We designated an entire section of the website to Cakes. It covers custom cakes, their classic flavors (Italian cream, red velvet, vanilla, etc.), and specialty cakes like chocolate mint and cafe mocha, as well as a brief look at their wedding cakes. A specialty items section features mouth-watering photos of cookies, brownies, tarts, cheesecakes and more. Specific wedding cake information, including consultation information, a full brochure detailing options, as well as a gallery, lives on a “Weddings” page. Lastly, an easy-to-read breakfast menu rounded out the website.

One challenge the bakery previously faced was helping people request cakes or large batches of treats in advance. So on several pages, you’ll find a contact form. Once filled, it emails your request to the bakery. Their staff can then log the request and respond to verify the order and schedule a pickup time.

They say you first taste with your eyes, so it was important that the design showcase the bakery’s treats. We kept the overall design simple, with mostly shades of black, white and gray, letting the photos really stand out. And to keep things fresh, we added a feed of the bakery’s Instagram pictures so there are always new desserts to see on the home page.

“I really enjoyed working with a company that not only I love, but that all of Rome loves,” said developer Sarah Tebo. “Helping them put their best foot forward online was really rewarding. And the pictures of cookies and cakes didn’t hurt.”

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