A Quick Guide to Quality Control

If you want to make fewer errors, cut costs, and increase customer satisfaction, you should establish quality control processes!

Quality Control (QC) is necessary for our work here at Romega. Not only does it give us an opportunity to pull in specific opinions from the team, but it ensures that there are multiple points for proofreading, tone-checking, and more. This way, there’s less room for error when it comes to our content and, more importantly, our marketing clients.

In order for this process to go smoothly, here’s how we’ve structured Quality Control at Romega Digital:

1. Receiving Content Assignments

We utilize the project management software Asana for all of our tasks. This is where we receive assignments from Anna Gaccione, our marketing manager, to create captions, graphics, videos, and more. We also have the opportunity to tag other team members for any clarifying questions. For time-sensitive questions, we rely on a ping on Slack to make sure they know a message is waiting in Asana.

Here’s the most important part of this process: A task cannot be marked complete until it’s been approved in Quality Control. Here’s how we make that happen!

2. Sending Content in for Review

Once assignments are complete and proofread to the best of someone’s ability, it’s sent into our dedicated Slack channel, #quality_control. It’s also important to label this content clearly, so other team members can see what’s been submitted at a glance. Here’s the information included:

@channel [Client] [Task Title] [Platform]

Right off the bat, it’s important to establish which client each piece of submitted content is for. That should closely be followed by the type of content, then the platform. This information will help people give accurate feedback as the team checks for quality! Of course, we also tag @channel, which notifies everyone that there’s a new piece of content that needs approval.

Here’s how a submission should look:

Slack message with a graphic about Romega Basic

3. Giving Feedback

For those who are not sending in content, their input is still valuable! The whole team is plugged into QC for this reason, including those in software and web development to give an outside perspective when needed. For those giving feedback, notes are given by replying in a thread to someone else’s message. The team is here to make sure we succeed as a whole, so we make sure any criticism is constructive!

Slack discussion of feedback on a Romega Basic graphic

Further Slack discussion of feedback on a Romega Basic graphic

4. Getting Approval

If edits are suggested on a piece of submitted content, the user can either edit the original task (for captions) or drop a new version in the thread (for videos, graphics, or captions if edits are extensive). As previously mentioned, anyone can give feedback and give their “stamp of approval” in the form of a positive reaction to a message. If edits are made in a thread, the approved caption/graphic/video will receive that stamp of approval!

It’s important to note that no piece of content is ready to go without an ultimate stamp of approval from the marketing manager, Anna, or eagle-eyed Sarah Tebo, who lends her editing skills to the marketing team. Anna knows each of our clients well and has the big picture goals in mind, while Sarah can catch errors that others might miss, which is why their approval is so important. They will give their approval with the Romega logo emoji, which we have dubbed “The Romoji”.

Slack discussion including approval with a Romoji

5. Completing Your Task

Once a piece of content has that ultimate stamp of approval, we make sure that the task is updated in Asana with the approved caption, graphic, or video! At that point, tasks in Asana can be marked as complete! (This is where our social media manager will pull content from for all of our posts, so this step is imperative!)

Romega is a place where we support each other so our work is elevated to an even higher level, but also because we all want our team members to succeed. This process, among many others, were put in place for those reasons. We’re proud of each member of Team Romega for their dedication to quality, which elevates our clients to a whole other level.

Do you want this mindset to back up your team’s marketing efforts? Let’s find out what we can create together. Share your goals.