5 Signs Your Business May Need Custom Software

When people think of Romega, they might think of a digital marketing company that creates websites and develops marketing strategies. While this is half true, there’s a whole other branch of Romega we’re bringing into the light: custom software creation.

It’s easy to figure out that you need a marketing plan (gotta bring in more customers/engagement/profit). However, if you notice any of the red flags below, your business may also benefit from custom software (which can ultimately bring you more customers/engagement/profit too!).

Example: Are you reading this over piles of paperwork? You may need custom software.

Using Excel as a database

Do you find yourself having to constantly open an excel sheet to manage data? Does a bulk of your company’s communication depend on emailing excel sheets back and forth between departments? If you’re using excel for record-keeping instead of reporting, you may want to consider custom software.

Interdepartmental communication is made easier with a solution crafted by you, for you (with our help of course). That way, you can free up disk space and have a central location for all of your records.

Not knowing how much of something you have

Do you find you’re guessing about how much product you’re going to use or how many people you’ll need to cover demand? Whether you work with physical items or more abstract stuff, it’s usually a good thing to know how much inventory you have at a given moment or how many staff members are needed for a project. If you don’t know a given quantity of a given item, you can’t make informed decisions about the future of your company

For example: Say a call center is trying to decide whether or not to push marketing for a specific product. They would have to know how many calls they received concerning that particular item.

We worked with a call center recently with the above problem. We were able to create software for them that allows their staff to estimate how much money a location can expect to bring in by the number of appointments made or canceled this month.

With custom software, you too can track data, see trends, and translate data into estimated cost or earnings.

Your employees spend too much time doing repetitive tasks / you’re drowning in paperwork

What are your employees doing? Are they taking half an hour to fill out their daily paperwork? What does your desk look like? Do you even know anymore? If not, you’ve got a red flag on your hands.

Let’s say that your employees each fill out a paper report as they work throughout the day. Depending on the report, this can take time away from their daily tasks. Once they turn it in, another employee has to deal with all those papers, either filing the physical copies or manually typing everything into a database.

There are a few ways custom software could solve this problem. One could be that employees have tablets and can choose from a list of pre-defined templates for their report. Those templates include all the standard details, so the employee only has to enter on the tablet what is unique that day. No one has to go back and re-type anything.

Systems like this free up employees’ time to make you more money.

using multiple pieces of software to accomplish one task

This happens when there’s not a perfect piece of software that does exactly what you need. It’s especially common in niche industries because needs are so specific. If you’re using 2 or more pieces of software, we can streamline your current process by bringing everything you need into a single cloud-based software program that runs on any computer.

If you HAVE to use a particular program (like Active Directory for employee authentication), we can integrate with it to make the experience seamless.

There’s a process that everyone does their own way

This is common when you’re using something like paper reports or Excel to manage data. When you mix processes, over time, people make changes to their copy rather than using the ‘official’ report, or the official one gets changed and not everyone updates their version to match. This makes it hard to ensure data matches because you can’t control the data input.

Custom software enforces standards and eliminates the need for a person to check every report or Excel sheet to make sure it’s right.

If you’ve noticed any of these things happening in your office & want to make your life easier, let us know. This is your chance to automate the boring stuff so you can focus on the profitable stuff.