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Custom Software

The one perfect software for your business just doesn’t exist yet. You have actionable insights slipping through your fingertips and you need to start tracking data points no one else has thought to track before. Some of the data sits in different systems and it’s an act of God to get them into a singular view. Can we help you fix that?

4 Easy Steps

  1. Get on a call with our team of web development engineers and identify the data you want to track.
  2. We’ll work with you to develop a strategy to best display and combine this information.
  3. Develop, test, iterate
  4. Your data is finally at your fingertips
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Websites and Marketing

A couple of questions that keep you up at night: How many people are visiting my website? Why aren’t they converting to customers? How can I get in front of my next customer? Managing your online presence on top of management, sales, emails, and phone calls just doesn’t do your brand justice. Want to put your marketing on autopilot?

4 Easy Steps

  1. Help us learn your business inside out so we can create solutions for your specific needs.
  2. We’ll help you define the current and desired audience for your business.
  3. Plan, Execute, Report
  4. Sleep easy as your extended marketing department is hard at work.
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Digital Signage

You’ve picked the perfect content management system for digital signage, but are having issues showing your business specific information on it. Data on the screen often becomes stagnant and unkept. It’s labor intensive just to publish your data. What if digital signage didn’t have to be difficult?

4 Easy Steps

  1. Show the system you’re trying to integrate to our team of digital signage engineers.
  2. We’ll identify the ways we can automate the display of your information.
  3. Develop, test, iterate
  4. Your business information is streamlined to your displays.
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I know how daunting it is for companies to try and solve their problems while serving their clients. I created Romega Digital to bring the right skill sets together so businesses like yours can finally win.

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